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Why HCG mouth drops are effective in safe, rapid weight loss.

Low Carb lifestyle explained by a doctor.

The HCG + Banting Complete Weight loss Kit is a 1st of its in kind in South Africa. Through perfect timing you achieve rapid weight loss with long term, infinite results *.

Step 1 & 2 only takes 18 days (15 days + 3 days), that’s it:

Pure, high grade HCG suppresses hunger, provides you with energy, prevents muscle loss and tells your body to release any unwanted, stored body fat.

You receive easy to follow activation and usage instructions in your welcome pamphlet. You will get: Activation Liquid and pure 5000IU HCG powder which you mix together to activate your mouth drops. This is done for your convenience, extends the shelf life and allows you the opportunity to decide when you are ready to start the programme. You DO NOT inject yourself with anything. We only use pure, high grade HCG that is found in the human body. This can be tested by placing some of your HCG drops on a pregnancy test. A positive test shows that it is real HCG.

The mouth drops are placed directly under your tongue and are taken 2 x a day. There is a choice of two convenient meal plans consisting of clean, healthy foods i.e. vegetables, lean meat, low sugar fruits (NO calorie counting) which you follow while taking your drops to enhance the affect of the drops and maximize results.


Step 3 is a healthy lifestyle change:

The Banting (low carbohydrate, high fat) part of the programme. Yes, you heard right ‘High Fat’. We reveal that eating 'good' fats with the right kind of food combinations can in fact actually lead to weight loss, not weight gain. We make Banting easy to understand and stick to. We also let you in on valuable recipes, tips and resources to practically keep you on track and motivated. We reveal how to smoothly phase in from one step to the other. We even give you the 'Secret Weapon' to stay within your goal weight. With a detailed Q & A (Question & Answer) section you won’t be in the dark. Our Free Comprehensive E-book makes it very easy for you to succeed.


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