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HCG + BANTING your rapid weight loss programme for results! Lose up to 10kg’s in two weeks (On average our clients lose 0.5kg per day) *.

The best of both worlds fused together. Our HCG + Banting Complete Weight Loss programme is a 1st of its kind in South Africa. Completely different to average HCG diets on the market, we offer an effective fusion of tried and tested weight loss programmes from the world renowned Dr Simeon and William Banting which have been improved upon to render faster results, be more effective and therefore save you time and money.

The key to the constant success of our weight loss programme lies in perfect timing. We’ll show you how to use pure HCG correctly as well as when to fuse HCG and Banting together in order to get optimal results. All this valuable information is provided in our Free Comprehensive E-Book which you receive upon placing your order.

Our HCG + Banting Complete Weight Loss Kit fits all, no matter your current weight, height or sex.

All it takes is 3 easy steps to ensure that you:

  • Rapidly lose stubborn weight
  • Safely get the results you want
  • Learn to keep it off

This is about you feeling great, looking amazing and still enjoying great tasting food and delectable treats for the rest of your new life. It’s not a diet. It’s a fusion revolution!


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